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Current Issue: April 2023

Product Solution: CRL's Showers Online®

CRL’s new Showers Online® with web capability provides faster and easier access to design shower enclosures while in the office or on the go. Use with any mobile device to design, quote, and order shower hardware anytime and from anywhere.

2023 Top Glass Fabricators Report

Fabricators speed up to supply an uncertain but busy market.

Q + A with Salem | Helping to Manufacture the Future

Mike Synon, president of HHH Equipment Resources, and Ashley Price, Salem Fabrication Supplies, talk end-to-end glass fabrication, the challenges and opportunities involved with integrating automated machinery into a fabrication plant, and Salem’…

Heavy Glass Doors

Top considerations for safe and secure design and installation: an excerpt from the National Glass Association’s updated version of the Heavy Glass Door Design Manual (2021).

How to Stay Efficient and Maintain Uncompromising Quality

Continuous improvement is essential in any manufacturing environment. It’s the key to efficiency, quality and profitability.

By Joe Erb

VIG’s Future-proof Performance

Vacuum insulating glass, or VIG, offers daylighting options with enhanced thermal and acoustic performance. Industry experts say interest in VIG is growing, but barriers to adoption remain.

Eye on Interiors

How designers look to glass for flexible workspaces, stylish home interiors.

Women in Construction

Women in Construction Week is here. To recognize this week, March 5-11, Glass Magazine sat down with a few women in the industry to discuss their experiences. This is the interview Ahlam Qaimari, who has been in the glass industry for three years…

Five Ways to Address Generational and Mentorship Gaps

How do you make time to train and mentor new employees? How do you incentivize workers to stay? Is the next generation ready to take the reins?